Rental Information

Church Rental Policy

  1. Church Property:
    a. Furniture is not to be moved unless prior permission has been requested and granted to do so  
    b. Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the church premises
    c. Dances are not permitted in/on the church premises.
    d. No Confetti please
    e. Janitor services are provided
    f. Sound system equipment set up and clean up (microphones, cords, etc…) is only to be done by the provided sound system technician.   Only this technician is to control the sound board (including CD player, powerpoint setup, etc…) This includes the sound system in the main sanctuary and the dining hall.  The rental party is responsible to communicate all sound system needs to the sound system technician before the date of the event.

  2. Rental Procedure:
    a. Rental of facilities must receive approval from office administration.  It is not to interfere with the programming of the church. Rental party permitted to set up in church no sooner than 2 days before function unless by special permission from office administration. 
    b. The rental is officially booked when the form is signed and a deposit fee is paid.
    c. Parking of cars is the responsibility of the renting party.
    d. When possible, a supervisor will be present in case of unforeseen difficulties.
    e. Saturday activities should permit adequate time for janitorial clean-up.
    Events extending beyond 10:00 pm will be charged an additional fee of $100.00 per hour. Please note: in the event of a wedding rehearsal supper, clean up after the supper is the responsibility of the renting party.

  3.  Rental Fees:
    a. Funerals   - Members/Non-Members - $300.00
    b. Weddings - Members – Sanctuary - $300.00
                                    Members – Kitchen & Dining Hall - $300.00
                                    Non- Member – Sanctuary - $400.00
                                    Non-Member – Kitchen & Dining Hall - $400.00 (unavailable for rent until further notice)
             If a sound system technician is required to be at the church for more than 5 hours total (combination of  rehearsal, ceremony and reception) one would be provided at $25/hour.
        c. Other functions which may not be church related (sound system not included):
                            Members - Kitchen & Dining Hall - $150.00

                      If a sound system technician is required, one would be provided at $25/hour
         d. Use of the foyer for buffet tables - $50.00
         e. Use of the video projector - $50.00

Requests for use of the church, other than those mentioned, will be considered separately by office administration and Council.

* Member – the definition of member will pertain to anyone who regularly attends the church

* A deposit of $150.00 is required for renting the facilities. If the purpose of the rental is a backup in case of adverse weather, a deposit is still required and will not be refunded.

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