The Neuanlage Mennonite Church started as an outpost of the Hague Mennonite Church in about the year 1926. At that time, services such as Sunday School and Christian Endeavour Programs were held in homes and later in the Pembroke School classrooms.

In 1937 the fellowship of Neuanlage purchased an acre of land and the dwelling of Mr. Henry Peters, who emigrated to the Peace River settlement in Alberta. With some renovations, this building served the congregation well. As time went on, members prospered on their farms, and more attended the meetings until it became evident that an addition was necessary. Just then the Lutheran congregation in Hague decided to build a new church and sell the old one. This church was purchased, moved to the site in the village and dedicated to the Lord on October 27, 1946.

In June of 1962, at the annual meeting of the Rosenort Mennonite Church of Saskatchewan – of which Neuanlage was a member church – the Rosenort Mennonite Church of Saskatchewan was dissolved, and the Neuanlage church became a self-governing body.

Many of the older members retired and moved to Hague, so the transition from the Low German language to the English language went quickly, and without much opposition. The English services attracted many youth, so an addition to the building was made in 1964, followed by another renovation in 1967.

When congregational growth demanded more space, a completely new building was constructed in 1978. This was a major undertaking through which the fellowship experienced a significant growth in love and dependence on each other as a brotherhood.

As growth continued, a new sanctuary was added in 1996, with on-going renovations continuing according to need, including converting the existing sanctuary into a dining hall.